About PED

In the beginning, the power equipment world was easier than it is today. Back then, deals were made
with a handshake and an exchange of cash – no participation fees, document fees, approvals, etc. But can
you imagine progress without today’s ever-expanding world of finance, enabling every level of customer
to remain solvent and grow? And what about the product quality standards we have today? R & D departments across the industry are constantly working to successfully improve performance and efficiency by developing fuel-smart products such as EFI and Propane units.


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As a distributor of premium outdoor power equipment and parts to dealers in nine states, PED has enjoyed decades of success by assisting independent dealers to grow and be profitable. We partner ourself with premium, innovative manufacturers to deliver the highest quality of product and the highest quality of service to our large dealer network. Whatever your outdoor power equipment need, be it a lawn mower, hedge trimmer or belts and blades, Power Equipment Distributors has the product - or the dealer - you are looking for! Click here for more information on the PED Difference.


1956 – Power Equipment Distributors, Inc. was founded.

1985 – PED competitor, Greatwinz, began distribution of Exmark, Billy Goat and PowerTrim products for the state of Michigan.

1990 – Greatwinz grew to cover distribution in Indiana.

1992 – Greatwinz expanded its territory to include Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

1999 – Greatwinz bought Power Equipment Distributors.

2001 – Power Equipment Distributors expanded its distribution territory to include Illinois.

2005 – PED grew again and added Kentucky.

Today – Power Equipment Distributors now carries over twenty brands of premium, outdoor power equipment and parts including Exmark, Billy Goat and Oregon. PED covers all or parts of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Missouri and Wisconsin. Click here to see all brands and distribution territories.